Place to Stay

Escape to Luxury. In Italy’s secret places.

You won’t find all these places to stay on hotel booking sites. This is Italy at its most private and exclusive.

We specialise in sourcing Italy’s finest accommodation, from castles and monasteries to entire villages that can be rented out for groups. It could be a remote villa in the vineyards or an island retreat upon a lake. We know of accommodation hidden deep in the mountains, away from the world, and places with enviable locations in Italy’s major cities. Most of this handpicked selection is closed to the general public. We’re proud to have gained the trust of castles, villages, and monasteries, so incredible local experiences can be enjoyed by those visiting Italy.

By maintaining a huge network of accommodations across Italy we can also meet the most demanding of requests, even at short notice. If somebody needs somewhere special to stay, there’s a good chance we have five potential options just a phone call away. This is our home. We are the Italia experts, and we know how to marry local accommodation with international needs.